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Partime Housekeeper

Ozone International DH – The Number One Part Time Cleaners In Dubai

A clean and perfectly organized home is a dream come true for many people out there. With extensive professional commitments, paying attention to household chores at times becomes out of the question. In such a case, you definitely require professional assistance and that is something that the team at Ozone International Dubai can easily help you out with.

As a leading provider of part time housemaids in Dubai, we are here to fulfill all your cleaning needs as best as possible!

  •  Part-time and hourly maids available

  •  Fully trained and English speaking

  •  Strict background checks

  •  Regular performance reviews based on customer feedback

  •  Flexible pricing and customisable services

  •  Compliant with UAE government regulations

At Helpling UAE, we focus on providing all of our customers with the best quality maid services, by only sending maids who are expertly trained and English speaking. We spend a significant amount of time doing our research and partnering up with the best housemaid providers who can keep up with our high quality standards.

Our Part-time Dubai Housekeeper​

Benefit From The Expertise Of Our Part Time Housekeeper In Dubai

Our reliable, experienced and friendly Housekeeper are available at a time that is most convenient to you to ensure that your home remains neat and tidy at all times. Since our inception, we have won the hearts of our clients by providing world-class training to our Housekeeper, which helps guarantee a quality that guarantees complete satisfaction. Remember, we offer a 20% discount on first bookings, so make sure that you schedule a cleaning right away!

Hire A Reliable Part Time Housemaid In Dubai Through Keep Clean

At Ozone International, we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a neat and tidy living space at all times. For this, we make it possible for our esteemed clients to take on the services of reliable and trusted part time maids in Dubai. Our Housekeeper are highly trained in all aspects of house cleaning and are just the right option for you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness around your home.

The Most Affordable Part Time Cleaners In Dubai

What truly makes our services stand out is the fact that we help our clients acquire part time cleaning solutions at simply unbeatable prices. Our prices are easily affordable for the simple reason that we wish to make our services easily accessible to all. So if you are looking to hire a part time cleaner get in touch with us today!

Partime Housekeeper

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