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When it comes to plumbing repairs in Dubai, there is only one name that you need to trust – Ozone International Group. Our Plumbing services are among the most demanded out of plumbing companies in Dubai, with affordable service and expert plumbers at our disposal at short notice.

From burst pipes to leaking taps, we fix plumbing problems fast.


Our professional team of qualified plumbing technicians is available for callouts at a time that suits you for your emergency plumbing issues such as:

Plumbing Callout

  • Blocked WC, drains, showers, sinks

  • Leaking water in ceiling, walls, and floors

  • Corroded or faulty flexible hoses

  • Broken fixtures in WC, washbasins, and bidets

  • Faulty mixer taps and gate valves

  • Blocked or clogged floor waste pipes

  • Fixing Leaks and drips

  • Clearing blocked toilets, sinks, and pipes

  • Repairing or replacing taps

  • Fixing Drainage issues

  • Pipework replacements

  • Replacing Sanitary items and water heaters

Plumbing Maintenance Service

OIG provides a comprehensive plumbing maintenance service to rectify plumbing issues:

  • Test all water outlets

  • Check the WC and bidet, water connections, and drainage

  • Check and clean all water tap filters

  • Check and clean all internal drainage points

  • Check the water pump function, water pressure

  • Fix leaking water in ceiling, walls, and floors

  • Fix corroded or faulty flexible hoses

  • Fix faulty mixer taps and gate valves

  • Fix blocked or clogged floor waste pipes

Plumbing Services

Our best plumbing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include fitting, repairing, and maintaining pipes, water pump repair & maintenance, fixing leaking faucets, taps, showers, sink plugs, and drain plugs.

We can rectify the most common plumbing problems within 1 hour.

  • Clean the water heater terminal point

  • Check the water heater thermostat set point, should be 44 to 49 °C

  • Clean all internal and external drainage points

  • Check all kitchen and bathroom fittings

  • Check and clean water pumps, all water tap filters

  • Check the water tanks and fittings

  • Clean all external drainage manhole cover and apply grease

  • Check the water meter for any leakages and any visible leakage in the network

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